Siteco has released the new Road-SIT Survey Software v.6.0.2, introducing some new functionalities and a number of enhanced features that greatly speed up the user work and improve the deliverables accuracy.

A total control approach

Powerful snapping tools for the feature extraction, fine-tuning collimation with real-time update display in multiple point-cloud cross sections and camera views, smart zooming functions, and real-time views of spherical or planar cameras are just a few examples of the features provided with this release.

The work approach is very natural and efficient:

  • The point-cloud horizontal section is used as top view, which adapts the buffer size to the objects being surveyed (from roadway and rail assets to enclosures, to even buildings)
  • Existing maps can be imported as background
  • The user can open as many vertical longitudinal, oblique, cross sections as needed, and make them “follow” the digitizing activities, constantly zooming the local area to be surveyed
  • The panoramic or planar camera views can be set in the same real-time mode to assist users with point cloud interpretation
  • All the inserted geometries are immediately displayed in all open windows
  • Using the Autocad/Microstation/Arcis plugin, the current drawing is updated in real-time, and can also be displayed as the top-view of the point cloud with ortophotos as background.

 vertical sections

vertical-sections 2

Figure 1 - Horizontal section with the representation of 2 active vertical sections.

vertical sections-cars

Figure 2 - Active vertical sections corresponding to the representation in the figure above

Quoting our CEO's statement after the official software presentation: 

“We have received enthusiastic feedback from our beta-test customers”, says Ing. Augusto Burchi, Siteco’s CEO, “in terms of both productivity and software quality. This software solution is the right answer to the demand for mobile mapping applications, thanks to its flexibility and rank of specific features." 


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