The new Road-SIT Survey release features many improved functions to speed up the drawing of 2D and 3D maps, plus a revolutionary philosophy to make every user feel at ease  by having the complete control of the geographical context. The software is fully compatible with the most widespread mobile mapping systems like the Optech-Lynx, Riegl-VX450, Topcon IPS3 and Leica Pegasus. And of course with the well known Siteco’s Road-Scanner.

Click HERE for a live demontration

A New User Interface

The new user interface is connected with the most widespread web-gis servers like Google Maps or OpenStreetMap. The access to the imagery and point clouds is always displayed in the geographical context.


The “immersive” effect is enhanced by the ladybug spherical vision with the laser point clouds displayed in the top view. 
The Google-maps look&feel is enhanced with point cloud special snapping features and user definable color tables associated to each greyscale point reflectivity value. survey2

Search and load the surveys by road name or by map

Survey data is instantly accessed by selecting the position on the map or the road list displayed in the left dialog area. The current route and   position of the imagery are constantly highlighted on the map making it virtually impossible to get lost !

 New Oct-Tree Technology
To improve the performance,  the system is powered by an optimized oct-tree technology, allowing  imagery and point cloud displays in real time.
All the data are stored in a Microsoft SQL database requiring hardware compatible with 64 bit software and OpenGL compatible video devices.

 New point clouds color display features
A customizable color overlay table allows the definition of colored points based on greyscale reflectivity values. The point clouds can also be colored with the actual real color imagery.


Combined navigation between spherical image and top view
The powerful implementation of the OpenGL libraries allows you to combine  the spherical and the top views consistently.

The area zoomed is constantly refreshed on the top view to provide complete control over the editing features.


 New snapping tools to improve the feature extraction
The high-accuracy tools to select edges and surfaces already available  have been improved with new features.
Automatic detection of the highest and lowest point helps the user collimate points with maximum accuracy.
Search areas can be  increased or decreased  using the circle radius tool.

 survey5  survey6

General features for exporting point clouds and imagery
The export features allow to produce any kind of data output for point clouds and imagery, including LAS, XYZ, DXF, PTS, TIFF, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP formats. Special features for cross sections, pavement analysis and top view bitmaps have been added.

 Georeferenced tiled bitmaps (point cloud ortophoto)
The new settings also provides at the exportation of geo-referenced Bitmaps that enables the production of the point cloud top view as a tiled ortophoto. The ortophoto can be immediately loaded in any CAD or GIS software and overlapped to the vector maps extracted with Road-SIT Survey (see image below).
This is a very powerful new tool, that allows to produce a GIS top view of the whole survey, very light and immediate to access, and to distribute.


Integration with the Asset Management and Pavement Management modules
Road-SIT is a complete suite of software modules for the Road Information System. All new mobile mapping features are fully integrated in these modules, to improve the GIS and road-side assets extraction and management.





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