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The development project was spearheaded in collaboration with LTS, shareholder of UNISKY (spinoff of the Venice University) and ASCO-DAITO Co. Ltd., Japanese leader of surveying, inspection and environmental engineering.

The new Sky-Scanner is a high performance airborne data collection system that fills the gap between the low-cost low-altitude photogrammetry approach of current UAV systems, and the more complex and expensive lidar systems typically deployed on manned fixed and rotary wing aircraft. 

The system is delivered as a compact and light configuration with up to 5-hour data collection time, with its own independent batteries. 

It is adaptable to most of the available UAVs and it can be easily mounted on any other aircraft.

Thanks to its perfectly integrated highest quality components, Sky-Scanner produces very consistent, accurate and well structured data, both in terms of point-clouds and orthophotos. 
The system can achieve absolute accuracies of ±5 cm on regular surfaces (road, walls) and ±8 cm on natural ground with vegetation. The dual return feature helps to filter vegetation and obtain very reliable DTM (and generate sections and contour lines).

Sky Scanner 3



  • Adaptable to any mid-range UAV (already tested on DJI-S1000 and DJI-Matrice-600), or other aircrafts.
  • The flight plan can be programmed with any mission planning software (ex: DJI Ground Station).
  • Best-practice initialization procedure for the Inertial System, without any loss of autonomy.
  • The post-processing software generates georeferenced LAS files, starting from the SBET obtained with the POSPac.
  • The LAS files and the ortophotos can be imported and processed in any point-cloud management software (Terrascan, Riscan, Orbit, JRC, etc) to get the most required and expected deliverables
  • Vegetation filtering
  • Classification and Ground Control Point calibration
  • DTM generation
  • Contour lines
  • Cross-sections and profiles
  • Feature extraction and Mapping SITECO’s Software


  • Applanix AP15 Inertial Navigation System, with 2 GPS receivers and antennas (less than 0.08° RMS on heading, and 0,025° RMS on pitch and roll)
  • Velodyne VLP 16 Puck-Lite or Puck Hi-res laser-scanner with 300.000 PPS speed and ±3 cm accuracy
  • Sony A5000 camera 20-24 Mpx, synchronized with the Inertial Navigation System
  • Sky Scanner 4


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