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This module has been developed for editing the geodatabase of the road information system, starting from the surveys carried out with Road-Scanner. It can also be used as a stand-alone application to process the data obtained from other mobile mapping systems and produce various documents: as-built drawings, hi-grade mapping, infrastructure analysis,and so on.

The road database populates with the data of the surveys carried out with the Road-Scanner technology or other Mobile Mapping Systems. Road-SIT is very flexible; thanks to its compatibility with the most popular databases, enterprise models included, and the best performing webGIS and CAD or GIS applications, you can use it as a Data Management System for structured data coming from other platforms. The solution is scalable and the database customizable, both in the start-up phase and after it, in the case you need to handle additional roadside assets and/or different taxes. The data history is however assured both in terms of GIS and from an alphanumeric point of view. The completeness of the application domain is the main strength of the Road-SIT suite. In a single  GIS integrated environment, you can manage all aspects of the road network, the relating roadside assets, as well as the periodic monitoring, infrastructure works and the road surface.


  • Available in stand-alone configuration
  • AUTOCAD, ArcGIS and MicroStation plug-in
  • Photogrammetry and snap to laser points
  • Feature extraction and Edge detection
  • City Modelling and Hi-grade mapping in 1:200 scale.


A wide range of drawing functions allows you to produce detailed maps quickly and efficiently, starting from point clouds and geo-referenced imagery. To mention only some examples: buffers, longitudinal, horizontal and cross-sections, sections on a generic plane; snaps to laser points or to existing vector entities; special functions to draw the edges or projecting a point onto a mean plane; coloring the points by altitude, reflectance, real color.

A number of smart functions aid the user with the feature extraction (i.e. the detection and recognition of edges or objects) through the snaps and the projections controlled by the operator. This approach avoids to generate geometries automatically, which often results to be erroneous and redundant, and requires time-consuming  checks.


  • Multi-window environment for imagery, point clouds, plans, sections and 3D-Orbit
  • Photogrammetric functions aided by the laser points
  • Smart snaps, projections onto planes and feature extractions
  • GIS environment integrated with the most popular map web viewers such as OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and Bing
  • CAD environment with background mapping and orthophoto
  • Window for editing point cloud sections, with 2D or 3D drawing
  • Dynamic graphics eco in all active views
  • Import and export of data from and to other software platforms.


The system includes sophisticated functions for the correction of the trajectories with the use of ground control points surveyed in a traditional way. This method is used to fix the inertial drift in case of prolonged loss of GPS signal, as, for example, in tunnels, or in dense urban environments, and ensure, at the same time, a centimeter accuracy.


The module can be run in three modes: within the GIS module for asset management, by selecting a chainage or an item of interest; as a stand-alone module, by selecting the imagery relating to the desired road, as an AutoCAD, MicroStation or ArcGIS plug-in.


Road-SIT Survey allows you to export all the data in the most popular CAD and GIS applications in standard formats (JPEG, LAS, DXF, Shapefile). The application is also available as a plug-in for AutoCAD 2014, MicroStation and ArcGIS 10.

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