Road-SIT Asset Management

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Road-SIT AM is the Road Information System for the Road Inventory and the Asset Management developed to meet the needs of the road authorities (public administrations and motorway companies) in compliance with the local and European regulations currently in force on this subject (the European Community standard for navigation databases GDF - Geographical Data Files, ISO14825:2004 - and the European Road Administrator Data Exchange Format - RADEF - the standard for the data exchange among different national administrations).

Besides the asset management and maintenance features of the basic module (Road-SIT Explorer), Road-SIT is an excellent tool for storing network data, monitoring the condition of the road network and supporting decisions.

Starting from the road inventory that includes geometrical data (plano-altimetric routes, sections, retaining walls, etc.), to the relating cartographic organization inside the GIS system, all aspects of maintenance and administration are integrated into a single framework with focus on:

  • Sharing all information among all sectors involved in the network management;
  • Updating the database thanks to the computerization of each sector involved;
  • Monitoring the preservation status of the various infrastructure components;
  • Rationalizing and optimizing the economic resources;
  • Managing the road asset;
  • Monitoring and improving the road safety.

Thanks to its functions for solving organizational, logistical, and technical problems, it is part of the Road Global Service, together with specific applications for the maintenance management and work accounting (PlaNET WEB of STR SpA of Gruppo 24 Ore).

System Architecture

Road-SIT includes a well-organized and flexible set of alphanumeric and GIS applications covering all operational needs of the road management, i.e. road assets and graphs, signs, licensing, advertising plants, infrastructure works, accidents, and so on. The system architecture includes the following:

  • A relational database, storing all information relating to roads and road assets in general;
  • The cartographic database i. e. road graphs and background maps.
  • A client-server or WEB application for the road inventory and asset management;
  • A GIS application for the cartographical representation of the surveyed information;
  • Vertical applications for automating the road assets management.

Road-SIT can be integrated with the most common WEBGIS (ArgGIS Server, Mapserver, Autodesk Mapguide, Abaco DBMap, etc.) to integrate alphanumerical and geographical data in a single relational database, such as ESRI ArcSDE, Oracle SDO and complies with the latest Microsoft standard OLEDB (ActiveX Data Object).

The user profiles can be defined by assigning different access permissions (reading, writing, editing and deleting) to the database according to the typology of road assets or territorial jurisdiction (districts, roads, departments, etc..). Users can share all the data through the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

Asset Management

Road-SIT Explorer, the main module of the suite, allows management, consultation, search and editing of all the road assets. It offers a very user-friendly interface, similar to the one of Windows Explorer, with a complete and flexible set of features. In particular, the navigation tree, through a hierarchical organization of all the elements, allows the access to the following:

  • Roads, a very useful function to represent junctions, branches, etc.
  • Road assets, grouped into families (ex. bridges, galleries and walls belong to the family of infrastructure works).
  • Departments, a classification based on the division into territorial areas, typical of many administrations.

All information concerning the items selected in the tree is displayed in a grid. It’s very easy to edit the list of road assets and interact with the database by using the powerful search, filter and sort functions. Moreover the single road asset items can be associated to any online file: pictures, scanning, reports, technical drawings, spreadsheets of calculation, metric computations, etc. This file can be consulted later using the associated Windows application.

Connection with GIS

Road-SIT is integrated with the most well-known GIS platforms allowing the immediate geographic contextualization of the road inventory, the consultation of the routes, chainages and images. It’s also used to get the rendering of the road assets and to display and change all the alphanumeric data.

More operators can connect simultaneously to a WEBGIS (Road-SIT WS) module and share the mapping using the same GIS license. The graphical representation of road assets is carried out through the dynamic segmentation i.e. the calculation of the geographical coordinates of a specific chainage.

The graph editing module allows the calibration of the roads and a perfect management of the deviations between milestone chainages and the actual road length.

Geo-Referenced Image Database and Google Earth Connection

Road-SIT Explorer allows the consultation of the geo-referenced images, surveyed with the mobile mapping system, as in a virtual inspection. Cameras can be switched one at a time or altogether, or in a synchronized way to view the two-direction survey.

The road axis can be positioned by using Google Earth. This function is particularly useful when working without cartography or when it is necessary to control areas adjacent to the surveyed road.

Road-SIT Survey: Photogrammetry and Point Cloud Measurements

Road-SIT Survey is a powerful module developed to display the geo-referenced images and point clouds surveyed with the Road-Scanner Mobile Mapping System. It allows taking precise measurements of distances, perimeters or areas adjacent to the surveyed road. The main features of the module are the following:

  • Synchronization of all the used cameras, at a selected chainage,
  • Overlapping of the point clouds on the images,
  • Measurements taken on the image frames in mono or stereo photogrammetric mode,
  • Snap of measurements on the point clouds

Road-SIT Survey is also available as plug-in of AutoCAD or Esri ArcGIS, for storing all the surveyed geometries directly in a CAD or GIS database.

Road Signs Management

Road-SIT Signs is a special module conceived to manage the road signs and markings, by retrieving the data from the road asset database. The well-structured database includes administrative and installation data, and the relating administrative documents as well. The administrative documents are associated to the signs and this allows the registration of all reports on licensing, the removal, suspension and relating printing of Word or PDF documents. These reports can then be consulted from any workstation. This application has a special interface developed to have available simultaneously all information on the selected sign as, for instance, the graphical image and the sign snapshot, and exploits the smart functions of the Explorer module to group, search and sort data.

To easily insert or update signs, the module contains a catalog of all signs created according to the international codes. Several standard and customizable report templates are available. They can be customized on the basis of the needs of the managing bodies.

Road-SIT for Mobile Devices

The suite of Road-SIT uses different mobile mapping technologies according to the desired goals. Road-SIT Mobile has been conceived for consulting and updating the road inventory using a Tablet PC to which a part of the database is replicated. This local database is then synchronized with the central system by means of the application Road-SIT SYNC.

The basic purpose of Road-SIT Mobile is to allow the technical office of the Public Administrations to make on site inspections and update the road assets. To this aim, besides the Road-SIT standard features, this module includes special features to work on site and synchronize the surveyed data with the centralized database. The hardware support can be a normal laptop or a Notebook or a Tablet PC.

Road SIT-Mobile allows the survey of the position of the road assets. The point position is detected by the GPS and immediately shown on the cartography.

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