Pave-Scanner, the best infrastructure and pavement surface inspection system currently available on the market

The Automated Pavement Mobile Mapping System (PMMS) delivered to Asco-Daito 

ASCO-DAITO has taken delivery of the Pave-Scanner Pavement Mobile mapping system, the first commercially available, true 360 degree, infrastructure and pavement surface inspection/classifications system from Siteco S.R.L, Italy.                                   

pave scanner news animatedCONFIGURATION

The configuration of the system delivered includes two  Pavemetrics LCMS (Laser Crack Measurement System) sensors, two 3-D laser profiling sensors, a high performance rackmount controller unit, the popular Ladybug 5 spherical camera from Point Grey FLIR Imaging Solutions and a pair of high resolution frame grabber boards.

The software provides complete functionality for mission planning, data acquisition, post-processing, quality control and defect extraction. 



Engineered to be flexible, Pavemetrics’ LCMS technology has been adapted to the inspection needs of a wide variety of infrastructure including: road pavement condition evaluation, railway condition evaluation, detection of foreign object debris (FOD) at airports, and high-speed-train-tunnel vault lining inspection.

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The SITECO Road-Scanner platform is fully integrated with the renowned Pavemetrics LCMS vision system technology, and represents the most cost effective, state-of-the-art, high performance infrastructure and pavement surface inspection system. The system collects Asset and Pavement databases in a single survey campaign, providing big advantages for their contextual management. The complete 3D lidar and imagery infrastructure survey, with millimeter resolution pavement inspection provides a comprehensive analysis of all asset maintenance conditions. All data are accurately geo-referenced and managed in a single environment with Siteco’s powerful software.

Banjo Augusto Hebert resizedQuoting our Director's statement at the delivery of the system :

“We are proud to be partners with ASCO-DAITO in developing and deploying this latest technological innovation to the industry.” says Augusto Burchi, SITECO'sTechnical &Sales Director. ”The Pavemetrics LCMS sensors, combined with SITECO’s class leading mobile mapping platform and software represent the future of comprehensive mobile roadway management “.

About SITECO Informatica srl - A unit of the Gavio Group, one of Italy’s top industrial groups, Siteco was established in 1995 as a civil engineering infrastructure, software and technical consulting firm. In 2005 they developed the first scalable, high performance fully integrated mobile mapping system and have since then been delivering the most flexible roadway management mobile mappers in terms of price, performance and software usability. Siteco's Road Scanner hardware and software products are fully compatible with Faro, Z+F, Leica, Riegl, Velodyne Optech, Topcon, Velodyne and other mobile mapping systems and sensors.

About ASCO-DAITO Co. Ltd. - In April, 2016, ASCO CO., LTD. and DAITO DESIGN CONSULTANT CO., LTD. integrated and established a new holding company, “ASCO-DAITO CO., LTD.”. They contribute to society as a general construction consultant engaging in development of social infrastructure, from inspection and planning to design. This management integration makes their business foundation strong. Asco-Daito try to meet the needs of the times and respond effectively to public need with advanced and extensive business developments.   

About PAVEMETRICS - Pavemetrics specializes in 3D vision systems for the automated inspection of transportation infrastructure. Our systems are used in more than 35 countries around the world to automatically inspect roads, runways, railways and tunnels. Our mission is to provide the best sensors and 3D processing software in the world backed by superior after-sale service, customized to meet our client’s unique needs.

In the picure, from left to right: Asco-Daito President Mr Masato Banjo, Siteco Technical & Sales Director Mr Augusto Burchi, Pavemetrics Director of Product Development Mr Jean-Francois Hebert.










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